Denver Nuggets 2018 Off-Season Numbers Breakdown

Paul Milsap 29,730,769  
Mason Plumlee 12,917,808  
Kenneth Faried 13,764,045  
Wilson Chandler 12,800,562 Player Option
Darrell Arthur 7,464,912 Player Option
Devin Harris 8,364,837 Cap Hold
Will Barton 6,713,333 Cap Hold
Jamal Murray 3,499,800  
Gary Harris 16,517,857  
Trey Lyles 3,364,249  
Juan Hernangomez 2,166,360  
Malik Beasley 1,773,840  
Tyler Lydon 1,847,640  
Nikola Jokic 1,600,520 Team Option *see note
Richard Jefferson 1,499,698 Cap Hold
Monte Morris Two Way  
Torrey Craig (Two-Way) 1,337,872 Cap Hold (RFA)
Roster Size    
Non-Tax Paying MLE 8,567,000 (likely) Projection
Tax Paying 5,291,000  Projection
Bi-Annual 3,353,000 (likely) Projection
Room  ****  
Trade Exceptions ****  
Projected Draft Pick 2,516,900 13th projection
  831,311 2nd
  831,311 2nd
IRC**see note below 2,493,933 for max space
Team Salary 129,543,624  
  118,341,217 ***see note below
w/o Exceptions 88,076,301 guaranteed + IRC
Salary Cap 101,000,000 projection
Cap Room -28,543,624 current
  -17,341,217 likely
w/o Exceptions 12,923,699 max space (unlikely)****see note below
Luxury Tax 121,000,000 projection

*Nikola Jokic’s team option could be declined. Jokic as a 2nd round pick, is in the last season of eligibility for restricted free agency. If the option is accepted, Denver runs the risk of Jokic entering unrestricted free agency in 2019. If declined, Denver can then make Jokic a restricted free agent this off-season.

** IRC stands for “incomplete roster charge”. This happens when teams fall below 12 players under contract. For every spot under 12, a team is charged the rookie minimum. For example, for Denver to create max space they would have 9 players under contract. Therefor would be charge the rookie minimum 831,311 three times.

***This team salary number is without Harris, Jefferson, and Craigs’s cap hold. I project this as likely.

****For max space the following would have to happen. Denver renounces every cap hold, decline and waive Jokic’s non-guaranteed contract. Both player options would have to be declined. Denver would also have to draft overseas players that would stay overseas, or trade draft picks for future picks. I project this as unlikely.


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