Cleveland Cavaliers 2018 Off-Season Numbers Breakdown

LeBron James 35,607,968 Player Option
Kevin Love 24,119,025
George Hill 19,000,000
Tristan Thompson 17,469,565
JR Smith 14,720,000
Jordan Clarkson 12,500,000
Kyle Korver 7,560,000
Cedi Osman 2,775,000
Rodney Hood 7,928,592 Cap Hold (RFA)
Ante Zizic 1,952,760
Jose Calderon 1,499,698 Cap Hold
Jeff Green 1,499,698 Cap Hold
Larry Nance Jr 2,272,391
Okaro White 1,699,698 Cap Hold (RFA)
Kendrick Perkins 1,499,698 Cap Hold
John Holland 1,337,872 Cap Hold (RFA)
London Perrantes 1,337,872 Cap Hold (RFA)
Roster Size  15 (16) 15 players + 1 draft pick
Mid Level 8,567,000 (unlikely) Projection
Mini Mid Level 5,291,000 (likely) Projection
Bi Annual 3,353,000 (unlikely) Projection
Room ****
Trade Exceptions
Kyrie Irving 5,811,114 8/22/2018
Richard Jefferson 2,500,000 10/14/2018
Kay Felder 1,312,611 10/14/2018
Projected Draft Pick 3,361,500 8th projection
IRC *see note below 2,493,933 for max space
Team Salary 158,141,337 w/o exceptions
w/o Exceptions 149,266,801 **see note below
104,862,674 guarantees
Salary Cap 101,000,000 projection
Cap Room -57,141,337 current
w/o Exceptions -48,266,801 likely
-3,862,674 max space
Luxury Tax 121,000,000
Tax Room ****
Tax Hit ****
Minimum Salary ****
Team Salary for Minimum ****
Away From Minimum ****

*IRC stands for “incomplete roster charge”. This happens when teams fall below 12 players under contract. For every spot under 12, a team is charged the rookie minimum. For Cleveland, to create max space Cleveland would have 9 players under contract. Therefor would be charged rookie minimum, 831,311, 3 times.

**This team salary number is without Calderon, Green, White, Perkins, Holland, and Perrantes’ cap holds. I project this as likely.


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