Charlotte Hornets 2018 Off-Season Numbers Breakdown

Players Cap Hit Explanation
Dwight Howard 23,819,725
Nicolas Batum 24,000,000
Marvin Williams 14,087,500
Michael Kidd-Gilchrist 13,000,000
Cody Zeller 13,528,090
Kemba Walker 12,000,000
Jeremy Lamb 7,488,372
Malik Monk 3,447,480
Frank Kaminsky 3,627,842
Michael Carter-Williams 3,240,000 Cap Hold
Julyan Stone 1,656,092 fully non (G)
Willy Hernangomez 1,544,951
Treveon Graham 1,699,698 Cap Hold (RFA)
Dwyane Bacon 1,378,242
Mangok Mathiang (Two-Way)  1,337,872 Cap Hold (RFA) 
Marcus Paige (Two-Way)  1,337,872 Cap Hold (RFA) 
Roster Size  14 (16)  14 + 2 draft picks
Mid Level 8,567,000 (likely) Projection
Mini Mid Level 5,291,000 (unlikely)  Projection
Bi-Annual 3,353,000 Projection
Room ****
Trade Exceptions  none
Projected Draft Pick 2,788,800 11th projection
831,311 2nd round min
IRC *see note below 831,311 For max space
Team Salary 130,813,847
w/o exceptions 123,242,011 **see note below
118,753,513 guarnatees + IRC
Salary Cap 101,000,000 projection
Cap Room -27,138,103 current
w/o exceptions -29,813,847 likely
-17,753,513 max space
Luxury Tax 121,000,000 projection
Tax Room ****
Tax Hit ****
Minimum Salary ****
Team Salary For Minimum ****
Away From Minimum ****

*IRC stands for “incomplete roster charge”. This happens when teams fall below 12 players under contract. For every spot under 12, a team is charged the rookie minimum. For Charlotte, to open max space Charlotte would have 11 players under contract. Therefor would be charged rookie minimum 831,311 one time.

**This team salary number is without MCW, Paige, Mathiang’s cap hold. Also without Stone’s non-guaranteed contract. I project this as likely.

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