Brooklyn Nets 2018 Off Season Numbers Breakdown

Allen Crabbe 18,500,000
Timofey Mozgov 16,000,000
DeMarre Carroll 15,400,000
Jeremy Lin 12,516,746
Deron Williams 5,474,787 Stretched
D’Angelo Russell 7,019,698
Jahlil Okafor 6,313,832 Cap Hold, Max BRK can pay *see note below
Nik Stauskas 11,421,441 Cap Hold (RFA)
Dante Cunningham 2,760,000 Cap Hold
Jarrett Allen 2,034,120
Quincy Acy 1,499,698 Cap Hold
Caris LeVert 1,702,800
Spencer Dinwiddie 1,656,092 Fully non (G)
Joe Harris 1,499,698 Cap Hold
Rondae Hollis-Jefferson 2,470,357
Isaiah Whitehead 1,544,951 Fully non (G)
James Webb III (Two-Way) 1,337,872 Cap Hold (RFA)
Milton Doyle (Two-Way) 1,337,872 Cap Hold (RFA)
Roster Size 15 (18) 15 players + 3 draft pick
Mid Level 8,567,000 Projection
Bi Annual 3,353,000 Projection
Mini Mid Level
Room 4,410,232 Projection**see note below
Trade Exceptions none
Projected Draft Pick 1,348,600 29th projection
831,311 2nd min
831,311 2nd min
IRC ***see note below 3,325,244 for max space
Team Salary 113,501,186 w/o exceptions
w/o exceptions 90,045,520 ****see note below
84,443,752 Guarantees + IRC
Salary Cap 101,000,000 Projection
Cap Room -12,501,186 current
w/o exceptions 10,954,480 likely
16,556,248 max space
Luxury Tax 121,000,000 Projection
Tax Room ****
Tax Hit ****
Minimum Salary ****
Team Salary For Minimum ****
Away From Minimum ****

*Because Okafor’s team option was declined while on his rookie scale contract, Brooklyn now is capped out at how much they can sign Okafor too. They are not allowed to go over what his option would have been for that season.

**Brooklyn will only have room exception available if Brooklyn chooses to renounce rights to MLE and Bi-Annual to create cap space. Remember, the MLE and Bi-Annual count towards your team salary if below the salary cap. Most teams renounce these to create room, which then the room exception becomes available.

***IRC stands for “incomplete roster charge”. This happens when teams fall below 12 players under contract. For every spot under 12, a team is charged the rookie minimum. For Brooklyn, to create max space Brooklyn would only have 8 under contract. Therefor would be charged 831,311(rookie minimum for 18-19) 4 times.

****This team salary figure is without Okafor, Stauskas, Acy, Webb, and Doyle’s cap hold. Also without Whitehead’s non-guaranteed contract. I project this as likely.

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