Atlanta Hawks 2018 Off-Season Numbers Breakdown


Kent Bazemore 18,089,887
Dennis Schroder 15,500,000
Miles Plumlee 12,500,000
Dwyane Dedmon 6,300,000 Player Option
Mike Muscala 5,000,000 Player Option
Malcom Delaney 3,250,000 Cap Hold (RFA)
Taurean Prince 2,526,840
John Collins 2,299,080
Jamal Crawford 2,304,226 Waived
DeAndre’ Bembry 1,634,640
Isaiah Taylor 1,544,951 Fully Non (G)
Tyler Dorsey 1,378,242
Antonius Cleveland 1,378,242 Fully Non (G)
Jaylen Morris 1,378,242 Fully Non (G)
Damion Lee 1,537,872 Cap Hold (RFA)
Josh Magette (two-way) 1,337,872 Cap Hold (RFA)
Andrew White (two-way) 1,337,872 Cap Hold (RFA)
Roster Size  15 (19) 15 players + 4 draft picks
Mid Level 8,567,000 Estimation
Bi-Annual Exception 3,353,000  Estimation
Mini Mid Level ****
Room 4,410,232 Estimation **see note below
Trade Exceptions
Luke Babbit 1,471,382 2/8/2019
Projected Draft Pick 4,887,200 4th projection
1,859,800 19th projection
1,338,900 30th projection
831,311 2nd round (min)
IRC****see note below 4,156,555 for max space
Team Salary 100,135,177 w/ exceptions
w/o Exceptions 88,215,177 w/o exceptions
76,450,126 *see note below
60,389,470  guaranteed salary + IRC
Salary Cap 101,000,000  projection
Cap Room 864,823 current w/ exceptions
12,784,823 current w/o exceptions
24,549,874 likely
w/o Exceptions 40,610,530 max space possible***see note below
Luxury Tax 121,000,000  projection
Tax Room ****
Tax Hit ****

*This is Atlanta’s team salary without Delaney, Lee, Magette, and White’s cap hold. Without Taylor’s, Cleveland’s, and Morris’s non-guaranteed contract contract. I project this as a likely scenario.

**Atlanta will only have room exception available if Atlanta chooses to renounce rights to MLE and Bi-Annual to create cap space. Remember, the MLE and Bi-Annual count towards your team salary if below the salary cap. Most teams renounce these to create room, which then the room exception becomes available.

***This is the max space(without trade/and stretch) Atlanta can create. For this to happen, Atlanta must renounce all free agents, and waive all non-guaranteed money. Also Muscala and Dedmon would have to opt out. Also Atlanta must draft overseas players that will stay overseas, or trade draft picks away for future picks. Very unlikely situation.

****IRC stands for “incomplete roster charge”. This happens when teams fall below 12 players under contract. For every spot under 12, a team is charged the rookie minimum. For Atlanta to create max space, they would only have 7 players under contract. Therefor would be charged 831,311(rookie minimum for 18-19) 5 times. The charges go away after each spot is filled.

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