Bulls 2018 Off-Season Numbers Breakdown (Updated 4/13/18)


Here is a little more explanation about what you see in this photo. Assuming the Bulls do end up picking 6th and 22nd, the Bulls total team salary as of now is 114,906,355. That leaves the Bulls with -13,906,355 in cap space. But that team salary number includes the Bulls exceptions(MLE, bi-annual, and traded player exceptions). If the Bulls were to renounce those exceptions to create more space, the Bulls team salary would then equal 89,056,437, leaving the Bulls with 11,943,463 in cap space. Assuming the Bulls renounce Vonleh’s, Kilpatrick’s, and Zipser’s cap holds along with renouncing their exceptions, the Bulls team salary would then be 76,995,887. Which would leave them with 24,004,113 in space which I project to be the more likely scenario if the Bulls try to create cap room. The max space the Bulls can create is 41,402,843. The Bulls to do that would have to renounce all exceptions and free agents, trade picks, or draft players that would stay overseas with picks. I project that to be unlikely.

The Bulls are likely to have 24-28 million in space depending on final salary cap figure according to my projections. With the ability to get to 41 million in space.

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